Ways To Manage Stress

Stress management is the ability to keep the body and mind calm and composed when an internal or an external factor causes excessive demands. Stress is a part of everyday living; it is how we manage it that counts. Here are a few strategies to manage stress in an effective manner:

Elimination of stressors: Clear up clutter in your life, manage work efficiently, release yourself from unhealthy relationships, stay away from negativity, manage your finances and maintain a healthy lifestyle. These factors may help you become relaxed and remain stress free.

Better time management: Do one thing at a time instead of taking everything on at once. Create a schedule that offers flexibility to meet deadlines, balance responsibilities, learn to complete tasks in a timely fashion and do not take on additional responsibility if you already feel overwhelmed. Most importantly, keep some time for yourself and family. These will help you manage your time efficiently and limit your stress

Eat, sleep and exercise: Improper diet, lack of sleep and exercise can make you physically weak and emotionally irritable. Plus, an unhealthy lifestyle habits can cause serious long term illnesses too. In order to manage stress, it is very important that you eat well, sleep sufficiently and exercise regularly to keep your body fit and your mind fresh and healthy.

Self excellence: While healthy competition is good, competing with others in appearance, accomplishment or possessions can become stressful. Stress stemming from negative competition or jealousy is self-inflicted. Working on improving yourself by meeting personal goals is more productive rather than mimicking others or breeding jealousy. The more accomplished you feel about yourself, the healthier you will be. It will also make your more self assertive and confidence flourish.

Get rid of gadgets: Whether you notice it or not, our computers, iPads and Smart Phones are full of reminders and work-to-do lists. They really leave you with no time to think of anything beyond work and keep you on your toes throughout the day. While these labor-saving devices are important, do not allow them to take over your day. Remember, proper rest and relaxation is essential for a healthy you! Take a break and just enjoy doing �nothing�!

Proper medication: Common signs and symptoms of stress include insomnia, headaches, stomach upsets and lowered sex drive. These factors can lead you to become chronically irritated, low on energy, frustrated and apprehensive; wearing on your physical and emotional balance. Therefore, seek the advice of a professional medical expert and take prescribed medicines to cure these problems and keep stress away.